Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I am in Love......

with this Innovis 900d.  My new toy!  A brother Innovis 900D.  An embroidery sewing machine.

I have been playing like crazy!

Mostly things for little, relatively quick....and there is room for 'pretty'.

Ruffled-skirt An altered skirt. 



Made from fabric which was once a curtain, (from my stash!)


Pyjamas for Madam.....note the embroidered butterfly on the shirt!  Pretty, pretty!!!

I made a pair for Denver too, but they are already in the wash.  They have skull and crossbones, so absolutely had to be worn the minute they were sewn.....(skulls....Not so pretty!)


These turned out really well, they have an elasticised back, with faux pocket.  Very cute!

And the floral embroidery....yep...pretty!

I also made her a black pair very similar, with out the embroidery.  I have been making my own patterns, (or slopers) to be the base of any pants pattern, so small alterations can be made to the one pattern.

Some tops are next!

The last couple of Colour combo's....... (Colour combos galore)


The pallette.....#123





The pallette....#124


CCG#124_Lydell Quin 

All good fun!

Ok....We have colds in this house at ATM....(not swine flu.....despite John travelling to Canada)

I shall go and have a coughing fit elsewhere!


  1. My goodness your TALENTED. Is there anything you don't do ?? You are so damn creative. Lydell you amaze me.
    So wonderful to pop over and see what you have been up too. Anyhow see you on CCG.
    Steph xo

  2. She updates!!!! You have been having fun with your sewing machine! I just dont sew fabric much anymore since scrapbooking took over my life! Maybe I should try and make some more pretty girly clothes for miss K! Or finish the quilts I have been making! :)