Thursday, September 3, 2009

Giving Back.....

I have been blog surfing lately.....A LOT.  But not within the scrapping world.....just a little out side of it.  Still crafting of course, but the amount of stuff I have come across having a week of being a little under the weather, and with the motivation of wanting to sew my kids some clothes, and costumes for their book week parade at school.... is phenomenal.  I have learnt so much from people not wishing to make money out of everything they create (don't get me wrong, that is ok too, I admire people who are able to turn crafting into money)  But I so appreciate those people who do what I am doing, mum's wanting to use their skills to benefit their family, with the added benefit of thoroughly enjoying the process.  I have learnt how to draft my own patterns, and I have made several things for my DD.  I have decided I would really like to offer things that I have found out, and some projects I have created, here on my blog.  If it teaches just one or two, something that I was taught a long the way, then I have accomplished what I set out to.  I am a teacher.  I no longer teach in a school, but I think I have an inground desire, that knowledge should be shared.  So with that thought in mind  I will set off to load photos and examples here and there, to add a little to the pool of creativity, that this world wide web offers.  Should you find yourself here....I hope you have seen something you would like to give a try.  I am not an expert in ANY way, but I have worked out I can get results from just trying things out, and learning from others.  I am creative....I just don't look at my finished things too critically!!!!!

Please note, that I will attempt to acknowledge anyone whom I have gleaned information and ideas from.  I am a strong believer people should receive the recognition they deserve from creating something and being kind enough to share what they have learnt, but I have seen soooooo many things, and I don't always recall where I saw something.  Just know that almost every idea comes from someone else first....I might alter it to suit my needs, or change something about it in some way, but ideas are always inspired from somewhere or someone in someway.

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