Thursday, September 10, 2009


I am trying to take pictures each time I do something, or make something, just so I can add details here.  Maybe someone can get a prompt or an idea of something to create, from something I have made, which was probably prompted by something I had seen somewhere too.  Pass it on I say!

My pincushion........
My old one was one I made while at college.  Dare I say....quite a few years ago.  It was time!

I had a cute vintage looking eggcup, and I decided to use this as my base.  I got the idea from someone i had seen make a pin cushion from a little white square ceramic condiment bowl.  I had nothing like that.....but I did have a few egg cups......
You will need fabric, cotton is perfect and pins and needles slide beautifully in and out with out catching.
Good fabric scissors, a threaded needle, a glue gun ( plug in to heat up now)  You could just use craft glue, but it will take a while to dry. Polyester stuffing, and Pins and needles

Cut a circle from fabric....I guessed how big.  In the end it could have been a little larger.  I was after a toadstool type of look....but never got it!


Thread a needle and baste stitch with double thread ( to prevent
breakage) right around the edge of the entire circle so you can gather
it (about 1/4 to 1/2 inch in from the edge)


Gather it enough to be able to stuff.....


and stuff with polyester stuffing....or what ever stuffing you have......
Stitch tightly shut and tie off.  Make sure your hot glue gun is heating up


Prepare your base, by adding some stuffing, and glue in a smaller piece of the same fabric over the top. press down around the sides to make sure the glue has adhered well.  Put glue all over this mound inside the egg cup, and just around the inside of the eggcup 'lip' and press your pincushion top into it.  Hold for a few seconds to make sure it has set nicely.


Add all your pins, needles, and a couple of safely pins to be prepared for anything!

Finished And it is done.  A fun quick and very simple project......and it is awfully pretty sitting next to my machine as I sew!


  1. Cute idea Lydell. Looks very handy!
    Sheree xx

  2. this is so cute lydell...good idea to spread the love!!!

  3. Cute pin cushion! I think I saw it in use on the weekend!