Monday, October 1, 2012


Shimmerz has started a new Campaign......Simplify.

I have been striving for this for years!!!!  I am always going overboard and doing more than I should, and saying yes to things, when I cant even fit in my own daily stuff.  BUT....Shimmerz is really simplifying!!!
Its fantastic.

So many cool things happening to make life easier.
The price has come down.  COOL!!!
The paint tubs are fuller.....filled to the brim......VERY COOL!!!
and there is a new formulation for the paints which means they will give you more drying time, and they wont dry out as easily.

AND.....if you are a Color Room Girl, you will already know, but TCR is selling Shimmerz.  Its is a little hard to come by here in Australia, but we have good prices and we can get you some of these coveted little paints in no time!!!!  We will stock the paint pots, but can certainly pre-order any of the spray lines.

Time to Simplify.
Go check out the Shimmerz Blog, where some changes have been made, making things simpler too....Only one Blog now instead of the two.  Much more going on all in one place.  Head on over to see some simple ways to use these fabulous products!  Loads of ideas over there!!!! 

See you there!

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