Friday, October 19, 2012

The Big Move.

The Color Room has moved!!!
We have made some changes,  Go see the new site Here
One of the changes neccessary was so we could have our own domain name.  We had to add an 's' to our name.  That's ok.  We do room's'.  We will be uploading differently,  to either facebook or our blogs, but thats ok....more people to share with. (more personal blog traffic maybe?)
Anyway....We are up and live.  I am still adding content from the other site to the new site, and will continue to do that over the next few weeks.

So....The new palette?
Same as before, but we want you to be creative.  Use it as inspiration, no need to knock ourselves out trying to get THE perfect colours,  Use what you have....let the image speak to you, get other inspiration from the image, a shape, a pattern, a design layout, a word....anything.  Use the sketch as it is, or just loosely....get motivated and create something.

I used the sketch this week

and the colours....
This weeks palette looks like this

Heres mine this week.

Some Shimmerz used to match the colours in the palette....I used this page for a Shimmerz Post this week, if you are interested in seeing the colours I used.  (HERE)

Loved doing this one, even if the colours were tricky at first.  Just look to the inspiration picture for help, and go read about some ideas on how to tackle this if you are stuck on The Color Rooms.

Thanks for dropping in.
Have a great weekend.  (and a creative one too if you are lucky!)

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