Monday, May 6, 2013

Project Life

I will admit, I am not that diligent in blogging.  I want to be, but I just dont get into the swing of doing it regularly amidst everything else I am trying to fit in!

I have started project life, and while I am a little behind in it (I have recently finished week 13)  I am totally in love, and I am singing its praises to everyone in hearing distance, and who gives me an ear for a moment....or looks even slightly interested!  I have 2 friends who are relatively new scrappers who have made a start already, as the process will suit them both easier than doing Layouts.  Its so exciting.  I just cant explain it!

Share time!
I am back tracking to January (even though I started in March) So I will go back to where I started, and share from there.  This one is week 7.

While I adore new product, and I am not one to shy away from the scrapping stores, I do enjoy making my own PL cards!  So cool.  These are some I created using Loads of Shimmerz Paints!  Dazzlerz and Texturez to be precise!  LOVE THESE!!!!

Some Crafters Workshop Templates used along with these products here.  I worked on 6x4 inch cardstock cards and added washi tape and paints to create cool backgrounds to build on.

so thats it for week 7.  Its in its folder all done and dusted!!!!  Cool!


  1. Your PL is looking great - very arty - I'm just about to start so have a bit of catching up to do I know ... but am so looking forward to getting into it - thanks for the inspiration :)

  2. I am so glad it's not just me. I find myself having to catch up on blogging once a month or so, then I schedule a whole bunch of posts.
    Your Project Life looks awesome. Keep it up!

  3. OMG... somehow I missed you posting your PL!! I absolutely LOVE what you have done with it amazing!! Love all the colour and texture. It really shows how different you can get with it. LOVE that