Monday, December 9, 2013

My Creative Scrapbook in December!

Something I have to admit is that I have never really done Christmas Preparation Pages, and have probably only a couple of Christmas pages in my albums.  So when I got this Christmas themed Kit from MCS, I was a little worried.  Dont get me wrong, its gorgeous.  Check it out.

But never having done December Daily, or recorded anything leading up to Christmas, I wondered what angle I could take!  So off to Pinterest I hopped to see what others record leading up to Christmas, and with some ideas floating about in my head, I started.......and had trouble stopping!!!  LOL

You will love this kit.  I got 5 pages out of it, and 3 Project life spreads.  Woah!  Thats alot.  and for someone who didnt ever really 'scrap' Christmas?

Here is my first page!

A bit on the sad side this year!  We decided it would be in every ones best interest ( mostly mine) to not put up the tree this year, due to the toddler we have residing with us, who is into EVERYTHING.  He is my little tornado, and I am thinking having a tree up would just tempt fate, and I would be constantly telling him off or trying to reconstruct our tree each time he was out of our sight!!!

so no tree for us.
I did put a little Christmas arrangement on the dining table, which I have since moved out of reach, the tornado baby worked out that candy canes were for eating (after never being exposed to them before.....I thought I was safe....but no!)

Oh well.  We will visit the department stores for our festive decoration fix.  LOL

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