Sunday, November 23, 2014

Project Life-embarrassing confession.

I am so far behind Project Life it is not funny. (Sigh)
I have no idea if I can catch this point I am thinking I will mix months and/or weeks together.
It's ok though.
What ever!

One thing I have decided though, is to make my PL a little simpler.  SIMPLIFY.
I am addicted to embellishing.  But I just cant keep it up with other deadlines.  So here's one which is a little simpler than my usual.  Its not a showy one.  Its just a spread.  It still tells our story.

I used the November Creative Kit from My Creative Scrapbook.  As you can see this kit goes a long way.  This is project #6!  I still have kit left, and could make another project life spread out of it, and probably another couple of pages.

Project Life  Week 44
More black, grey and teal.....Mmm  mmmm!

And side B

See Simple!  It still has the words, It still has the story, I still has the pictures.....It has all it needs.  And it only took me an hour or so to put together, after I cut up the papers.

Now that's cool.

Maybe I can catch up. ;-)

See you again soon!

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