Thursday, July 10, 2008

It's school holidays here...third day in and it has rained or been too wet and cold for the kids to go outdoors at all so far.  Blah!  They have been pretty good, but, the weather forecast tonight said to expect a whole week of the same.....It may wear thin by then!

I have not been shopping for a little while, and look at my recent purchases....all at once too...mmm (sigh) bliss!Sale

I got several mini albums (should stop buying these....I will never finish all the ones I have in my cupboard!- I just like 'em so much) stickers, lots of alphas, as these are a consumable that always need replacing.  As if I did not have enough product in the cupboards already....I STILL NEED MORE....Oh but it's nice!

I do actually use some of the things I compulsively purchase......(come to think of it...not too much on this particular LO....he he he)Noidoit

This is a photo from a couple of years ago, just when the little miss was beginning her 'strive for independance' stage.  We heard these words VERY often, complete with indignant attitude.

I figured I should use at least one piece of the hundreds in my stash I no longer 'love'  so I painted over it, edged it with decorative scissors, and inked it.  I then drew vines and flowers to resemble rubons and painted them with watercolour paint (making sure to use a permanent felt tip pen so it didn't run when watercoloured) I added a couple of felt hearts just hand cut and stitched together, and mounted a few stickers and added them to the hearts with a button.  I did a little more drawing with the swirly bits off to the side, added a rubon journal element underneath and stitched a border around the edge.  I cut some triangles from CS stamped them with my text stamp, trimmed with decorative scissors, and topped with dimensional fluid....Voila a LO in a few hours!

Yesterday the kids and I made 'The balls'.....they enjoyed it anyway,  and they are not too hideous. (The balls not the kids!!!)                      

Balls2  Balls

We added dates to them to make them a bit more exotic than having sultanas...( not my favourite ingredient!)  They are very proud of their creation....Maybe I should get them making vegetable balls that, like 'The balls', they want to consume at every opportunity.  Might work!

That's all for today I think....Might go watch Regenesis with DH.... Bye                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           


  1. Ooohhh you did get lots! Now you just need to use more on each LO! Thats why mine are so 'full'I have to justify the stash!

  2. hi is it the shopping we enjoy with this hobbie, um yes i think i do
    i am in the stages of cleaning out its amazing how much stuff you accumulate