Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fun Colour challenge Blog

I have been visiting a blog Janine put me onto, fairly frequently lately.  It is a colour combinations Challenge blog, and is aptly named Color Combos Galore- (requiring none of the afore mentioned explanation!!!)  I did not think it was something for me when I saw Janine whip out a plethora of layouts
(Man that girl is prolific)  when I was struggling to get even one done!  Anyway long story short...I joined and did my first challenge....IT WAS SOOO MUCH FUN.  Had to wait days for the next challenge....and I did another!  I am really enjoying it.  I thought I would find it really difficult, when I spend so much time choosing the right colours when I start a new LO....But so far it is really working for me.  I am sold....I am a fan.....And I have even gone back through the first 108 challenges to see if I could find one I missed that I would enjoy doing ( I did)  Well anyway....this LO is the first one I attempted  Using olive green, poinsietta ( red) black and cream.
The next was yellow, brown, cream and mint green ( which turned out a bit blue)  Honestly it's not my favourite, but I love the memory.  It was the first time I could see so clearly something Denver had made.  I was blown away, he did a really good job of wall-e!


Anyhow....that's it for tonight.  I really should get to uploading some new stuff....
Night all.....


  1. Hey there and you have blogged too how amazing lol.Love the layouts you have done too.Take care Kerryxx

  2. I really admire the way you will scrap about your everyday. I so don't do that!