Thursday, February 19, 2009

Some Layouts......

Well...I know....blogging again within a week.  I have got some more pages to share!  It's much easier to post regularly when You have stuff to post!!!

This one was a little difficult to do.  I got to the journaling part and had to keep leaving it....When a tear fell onto my page...I knew I needed to get up and do something else!  I have never scrapped anything about my baby sister, and while it is not totally on her (like I will attempt someday) it was quite emotional.  Mykenzie is named after Nerae ( Middle name) 

journaling reads.....

When we put it one one morning getting ready for church, I had to blink back tears. You were the same age she was when she died and she was the last to wear it 25 years ago.  You looked so cute in it, as I know she did.  She would have loved you.  The Jacket is in pristine condition, held gently and stored carefully until the day another little girl could slip it over her shoulders.  The adults around look on with sentiment in their eyes....a tear here and there, remembering the little girl it was bought for.  You are oblivious to the emotion we feel, for you...It's warm, and it has fluff!!


This one was a part of a 3 project class taught at Scrapbook Station  I scanned and copied the actual plans to our house and printed it onto the background.  It is a good record to have. 

Well...For once, I plan to go and actually do some scrapping instead of spending so much time loking at it online!!!  Denver and Mykenzie are at school and kindy....I am home alone (still gettting used to that!) Perfect conditions for being creative.  Here I go.......


  1. I love this LO about the Jacket. It is just so touching and yet so beautiful.

  2. I re-read what I wrote, and doh! I should also say that the little girl wearing that jacket in your layout is just too sweet for words :D

  3. Oh your layout about the jacket totally touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes. I did not know that about you. That jacket is just beautiful, as I'm sure the original little girl who wore it was. Warm hugs.