Saturday, February 21, 2009

....nother one

The new colour combos challenge.  This one actually was a challenge.  Not exactly my colours!


I did enjoy playing with these little Maya Road chipboard houses

The colours were yellow, teal, orange and Vanilla.....I had fun even if I only had 1 sheet of yellow cardstock and 2 or 3 orange/yellow sheets of Printed Paper in my stash.....I managed!!!


  1. Lydell you have blogged again lol.I love your layouts they are all so beautiful.Take care Kerry xx

  2. I meant to say houses!! LOL! Brain dead over here!

  3. Those little hearts are just so adorable and I think that is the beauty of the CCG's, you are pushed outside your comfort zone

  4. Have been enjoying your latest entries... please blog more so we get to enjoy you more! Lovely puppy too xx