Friday, July 30, 2010

She is Finally here........

My dear and long awaited little niece is finally here.  Oh my goodness is she ever delightful.

Ellyah Nerae 
(Pron. "E-lee-ah")
Here she is just a few hours after she was born.  I could hardly put her down!  Far too many relatives wanting cuddles....I had to share far too much!!!!

Her two big brothers will take good care of her......well one will at least.......they may have to keep an eye on the other one.  Emi is likely to tie something round her and hitch her behind his bike!!! (Hes 4!!!)
Raine just sat with her and stared into her face for ages looking at her fingers and toes......brought tears to your eyes how much he was adoring her!!!  And you can just imagine the Mum.......she is is awe of her.

They are all coming to stay on the weekend.  LOTs of cuddles for me!!!


  1. ah,how sweet!!!she is adorable.Love these tiny little baby's!!
    Have a great day and enjoy the LITTLE (!!!) things in life!

  2. So beautiful. Another gorgeous girl in your family. x

  3. Gorgeous girl that she is and it was lovely to get a cuddle on the weekend.