Saturday, October 23, 2010

HELMAR announced their new Australian/USA/Education Teams today......

Totally stoked. 
I am a glue girl. 
I always have several bottles on the go and my very own stash in the cupboard in case I run out!  Most of which is actually Helmar!  Super Tac is my absolute favourite.  I cant even count the number of bottles I have purchased of this amazing stuff.  It should not be too difficult to share how much I love glue!!!!  I use it more than any other product after all.....

Some wonderful artists are joining me on this new path of designing and educating........  As was written on the Helmar USA Blog
 Welcoming back the following USA Designers:

                                                  adding  these NEW Australian Designers to the team!
Michelle Wallace
Sarah Moore
Nicole Pomeroy
Sherry Mendoza
Leeann Pearce  (YAY.....LEEANN!!!!)
Alicia Barry

And we are excited to add a whole new facet to our Design Team that will be bring technique videos, live classes and more showing you tips & techniques with Helmar Products.  We are happy to introduce our New Helmar Education Team:

Lolly Chessie  (Yay....LOLLY!!!)
Stayce DeWid
Lydell Quin (all the way from Australia)
Jing Jing Nickel  (WHOO HOO JJ!!!!!)
Becky Teichmiller (over very own beloved Becky is back!)
Jessica Morales

Cant wait to start......


  1. yay look forward to working with you too Lydell!

  2. Thats so cool...congrats!! thats a fabulous team!

    Thanks for stopping by too!!

  3. Congrats Lydell !!! Your blog is amazing !!!
    Thank you for the king words on my blog, cheers !

  4. Congrats Lydell, so happy for you and you are so deserving of this posisiton!!

  5. Yay so excited to be on another little adventure with you and also jing jing...i'm so thrill and excited about this!!!!.

    Congratz my beautiful friend!

  6. Lydell, Congratulations on joining the Helmar team.It will be so nice to get to know you. Your work is amazing!- Gayle

  7. Thanks for your visit to my blog and for the sweet comment you left there Lydell!!!!


    Cyn Vilela

  8. Hi Lydell, thanks for visiting my blog.
    Congratulations on joining the Helmar DT. I can't wait to see what you create for them.

  9. YAY Lydell! I am glad we get to work together again!!!!!