Friday, February 18, 2011

Art journaling.

I have been playing (quite literally!) With Art journaling.
I am having a wow-of-a-time.
I bound my own journal, using lots of old and VERY unappealing papers, mixed with some inclusions of envelopes, handmade papers and vellum.  Even this was fun.
Here is is in it's unfinished entirety!!!!

This is an ongoing adventure and I am loving every minute.
Its creating for fun.  Free time Art.  No expectations.
I Love it.

One page looks like this.......

and another

Its nice to have no boundaries.  Or more to the point, challenge myself to just let it go and create something with no expectations.....I place far too many expectations on my work. This is a growing exercise for me.

I have been inspired and motivated by  Rach0113, Milliande, Donna Downey, Willowing and Suzyblu on You tube.  Love watching these women create in their journals.

Anyway.....Thats it for today.

1 comment:

  1. Your art Journal is wonderful!
    I have started one this year and find this adventure a bit intimidating!
    Thanks for sharing ;-)