Friday, February 18, 2011

The Color Room Whitewashed......

We are starting a new spin on the palettes every now and then.....
Monochromatic colours.
They are so appealing (to me anyway!  especially with white......SO......
We are starting TCR's 'whitewashed' palettes.
They will be randomly thrown in amongst the existing rooms where ever they fit.
This week it looks like this.

Taken from the Family Room these monochromatic Greens with white is just gorgeous.
That inspiration picture is very appealing too, dont you think?

For a mini tutorial post on Monochromatic Colours See HERE

So with these palettes......
You are only able to use the colours in the palette, (not the usual colour additions allowed- brown, cream, kraft and black)
Really.....its a study of one particular colour in three of its varying shades paired with white. White allows the colour to shine, and nothing looks bad with white to set it off!!!!

Hope you give it a try!  It should be fun!!!!

The card sketch this week.....
And we shall call it done!
Have a happy week!

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