Friday, February 18, 2011

A video for Shimmerz Paints.

I made a little swatch book to help me keep track of all the paints and sprays in the ranges.  (Way over 100 of them now!!!)  And I have found it so helpful in that regard to see what I have and have not got.  BUT......The reason I love it now is something I didnt plan for, but I use it so often now to select colour palettes with the paints.  Sometimes its near impossible for me to dream up unexpected colour schemes, and I tend to be drawn to the same colours I love.  With this little swatch book though, I can pull out the pages and hold the 'actual' colours of the sprays and paints -once dried (which is sometimes deceivingly different than it looks from the bottle or pot)  next to each other and find schemes which I never would have dreamt up myself!
I rely on it so much now.
Ok......check it out!

Thats it from me today!!!!
Have a good day!!!!

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