Monday, April 25, 2011

A new Path???

I never thought I could scrap Digitally.
I had no idea where to begin, and honestly thought I didnt know enough to take part in the digital scrapbooking world.
There are many Digi artists I admire, and I would look at their stuff Longinly.....wondering how they did it.

Saturday I was so sick of being sick, that I thought I would try.  I had never considered trying before, so I am not sure what came over me, and I was prepared to be so dismally bad at it that I would shut my computer off in frustration.

But I went ahead and this is what I came up with.

(Taylor Made-  Beautiful Mess, Audacious designs- Olive You, Jen Allyson Tags)

(Shabby Princess- Fstival Kit,  One Little Bird-Flashback, Raspberry Road- Euphemera Collection / Fitting Room)

(Cinzia paint Spray, Corina Nielson- Digital Scrapbook Day, Corina Gardner,-Memory Makers Kit, Baers Garten -TCR #29 Mini Kit, Am Mod Flowers, Romanza Alphabet, One Little Bird- Flashback.)

I had so much fun!!!.  Its very satisfying, especially when you are layed up in bed and feeling under the weather and not up to the usual manipulation of paper products!
I already went shopping for Digi kits and downloaded LOADS of free kits! (LOL)

Anyway.  DH flies out to the US tomorrow.  2 weeks of fun for me.  (YUCK)
I forsee Buffy and Angel completed!!!!  (I am up to season 6 again in Buffy, and will start Angel for the second time tomorrow I think!  Love these shows!)
And lots of scrapping in bed (seeing thats where I did the above LO's  LOL!!!!)

Have a good week all.....


  1. Wow, Lydell, these LOs are absolutely stunning!! I have never thought about taking up Digi myself either even though I have admired those beautiful Digi LOs.
    but seeing what you have created, I might change my mind. (hm...)
    I hope you are getting better. I am a bit sick myself, too. Its the time of the year, isn't it?

  2. your first digi pages? nah, no way... very nice :)

  3. Fabulous digi pages Lydell!! You are moving over to the dark side!! LOL!!

  4. Fun pages, like the way you have made the leap into the digital style

  5. Wowee Lydell, these are BEAUTIFUL! and never would I have thought you are a digi rookie looking at them! you sure are versatile my dear, this is really cool! way to go! xxx