Friday, January 6, 2012

Hi there,  again.
I am catching up on my blog.
I am just getting over the Christmas Crazy which inevitably occurs in our household each year.  We are trying desperately to scale back and start sooner and all the rest.....I should make it my NY Resolution!  But I keep breaking those!!!!  LOL....Maybe this year.

Oh yeah......
Happy new year!

I happened across this post by Bethany Kartchner.....She did an interview with Stacey McElyea the owner of Shimmerz Paints......If you want to have a little read about the Company- go take a look.  I design for Stacey on both the Education Team and the Design Team and there was a lot I didn't know about her Company here.  I did know it before, but I am very proud to represent Shimmerz Paints!  Thanks for Sharing this Bethany!

Oh yes....and today is the day Debbi Launches her new Colour Inspiration Site CSI, Color, Stories Inspiration.  Very exciting!  We have a sister site!  I have been lucky enough to get some sneak peeks to both her first Challenge and her site and it does look exciting!  All the Best for your Launch Debbi.  I am sure there will be many who will be inspired by your cook challenges.....and prepared to be Challenged!
If only I had more time!!!!!  :-)

Ok....should go and do something!  I have been frantically making a sweet mini album, (which is getting ginormous,  mind you....not so mini at all!!!!)  for my Grandma who has her 90th Birthday on Sunday.  I have made it with an upcoming Palette using an upcoming Sponsors Paper collection (which will be for February) So I can't share for a while.  I might be able to show a sneaky pic or two.....hee hee!
Have a lovely Weekend all!

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  1. Well, I count down the days with you on Baby Quin! lots going on eh? We must catch up on MSN one of these days, it's been way too long!