Thursday, January 12, 2012

This weeks page.....

Here is a Page share.  It is created with the Megs Garden Palette and Shimmerz Paints.
It does double duty this time (TCR and the Shimmerz Blog!!!)

It was lovely working with Megs Garden Papers.  They are all vintage and beautiful!  Very elegant.
I grunged mine up this time with white paint and two colours of Pearlz Paints (Papa Purple and Blue into town.)  Which went very nicely with the palette and the papers.

1. I added white paint nice and thick with a credit card
2. I added some drips with a wash of the same paint
3. I dipped a lid into some blue into town pearlz that I painted onto my craft sheet in a little puddle, then painted in the centres to make nice circles (I did a couple of Papa Purple ones too)
4. I splattered some Papa Purple over the top as well
5. I painted any embellishments (tickets in this case) to match with what was left over on my craft sheet.  I used my fingers so it was a bit streaky
Then I layered all the other embellishments together.

Helmar 450 Quickdry held it all together!!!

These are come cute pictures my friend Miranda took of  her DD, My DD and Janines DD.  So cute to see them all together like this, they are usually much too busy (or we are....) to stop and get them posing at once!!!!  Glad Miranda got it!! to go and work on the mornings release....with another gorgeous Megs Garden Palette.....
Stay tuned......I will be back in the morning!!!!


  1. Super-cute page! I love the "girly-ness" and all the fun little details. I didn't get a chance to play along with the palette this week, but I have it bookmarked. May go back to it later when I get the chance.

  2. A wonderful layout, great colors and cool design.

  3. love love love the built up background!

  4. What a gorgeous page. I love how you toned down the background by applying the white paint. Great technique.