Monday, September 29, 2014

A journal insert with waxed paper.

I had a bit of a play with some waxed paper today, Similar to Deli Paper I believe.  I used the paper side rather than the waxed side.  First I cut pieces of the paper into sheets directly from the roll.  Then I got out my staz on and stamped some text over the whole sheet and let it dry.


I pulled out a stencil which had a good stand alone image.  I found a Crafter's Workshop Stencil Live Love Laugh TCW467 which had a nice open flower on it.  I used some Studio Gloss Gel Medium through the flower portion on this stencil in the 12 x 12 size, with a palette knife.  (make sure you wash the stencil well afterwards.)


 It goes on white like this, but as it dries it starts to go clear.


I gave it a little help along with the heat tool, because I am impatient, but I did leave it sit a bit as well.


Eventually it started to go clear.


Next I added some colour.  I used Shimmerz Paints, with a paint brush instead of using them as sprays.  Just remove the spray top and dip your paintbrush directly into the paint. Its really watery and goes on like watercolour.


 I just loosely brushed it over the image and allowed the colours touching to blend into another colour.  I chose colours next to each other that I knew would make a pretty colour when mixed (as opposed to mud!)

The paint clung to the gel medium, and resisted off the background.  I didn't even really try to just colour in the image, I just smooshed it on!  I added some droplets of the colours around the image and then let the whole thing dry. I used my trusty heat tool again!
Next I needed to cut the piece down to fit inside my book.  (this one is an insert into my Bible)  You could add this to your journal, diary, what every you like!  I just used my paper trimmer.  Run a line of tape adhesive down the side that would be sticking in the centre spine, and carefully press it in.


I adore the transparency of this.


The Shimmerz Gives a lovely luminosity.


Hope you will give deli paper or wax paper a try in your multi media work.  It takes paint and mediums really well.  Just keep in mind it is a resist surface, so if your media is really wet, then it will resist.  The gel medium allowed the watery paint to stick in this project.
Have a good and creative week!

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