Friday, May 5, 2006


Well, how exciting....My first Tag!  Thanks Kathie, my fellow Adelaidian friend

In my Fridge
Nothing gross as I have recently cleaned it out!!!  Had anyone asked a week ago, I would have had to have lied!                                             Lots of fat milk ( both kids still drink bottles/sippy cups in morning and evening) Lite start (my milk),  Cheese, Lots of Salad and Vegies,

In my Closet
Far too many clothes for the size and space!  We really need some sort of space saving organization!                                                               A vaporiser for the kids, A wireless modem for the internet, My wedding dress I am too scared to look at as I did not get it dry cleaned straight after the wedding.

In my handbag
Purse, pens, pencils, neurofen, lipbalm, scissors, address book, diary, handcream, mobile, 3 sets of keys, phone headset, 

In my car

Far too many toys, Street directory, sunnies, Baby seats, blankets,
Pram, picnic rug, nappy bag,
CDs – Colin Buchanan (Kids fav) Kelly Clarkson, Avalon, Many others!

On my DVD / Video player

Little Red Tractor, Bob the builder, Land before time, Tonka Joe, and countless others for the kids.....Grown up ones that we get in when kids are in bed, House, NCIS, Prison Break, Enterprise (all episodes from the States) Narnia, purchased on the weekend.

I am tagging:

Janine, Donna, Steph, Siann,

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  1. I don't even want to think about what is in my fridge, bag or car!! This could be scary!