Saturday, May 6, 2006

Check her out!

My sister has just started her own blog.  She has been reluctant until now!  She lives in a small country town and has a little boy 6 weeks younger than mine.  She spends a great deal of time on her own with a husband who works LOTS!  I finally convinced her of the value of meeting like minded people, and how it just gives you a 'lift' when people leave a message for you.  I valued this when my DH was away.  Anyway she is just getting going with this blog business and has just a bit up to see.  I am sure she will load more LO's and photos once she gets on her feet!  Take a look at Siann anyway!

Well I had better finish up for tonight.  We have had several uneasy nights recently, and I can feel it!




  1. Siann has set up a lovely blog, i will have to add her to my sidebar! Thanks for the link Lydell.

  2. Loved reading your tag answers.
    Yeah, aint blogging fun!

  3. Yeh for Siann. Will add her to my side bar.
    By the way Lydell, your class layouts are divine. Expecially love the fushia pink one with the black diamonds. pant pant.
    Steph xx