Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Breaking the blogging drought!

Sooo slack!  It has been quite a while.  A month.  I blogged almost every other day and then we went away for a while and the fam got sick and I just have not been able to make the time!  That even sounds slack I know!  I have had a few deadlines also, a design team one for scrapbook station and am still racing to finish the last two LO's for the shop.  The class schedule is out I believe, and my  LO's are not on the wall.  Tch, tch, tch!

I have missed reading blogs too!  Back on the ball now, and I will post some more LO's as they are photographed! (Have to wait for daylight for this, digital camera doesn't like night photography.)

Mumemail_1 This is the Design Team one on 'Mum'  She would probably laugh her head off at the subtitle, but she has worked so hard over the years, she could easily be very 'rural'...if you know what I mean!  She is not at all though,  She could easily live in the city undetected!  Not too countrified.  I remember when I used to come to church social events in the city as a teeneger, and It always came up,  'You have an accent!  Are you from the country!'  -Yep!  Don't know how it showed, but it always got spoken about!  I didn't think I was that 'countrified'.....Anyway!

Well should make an effort to sleep.  I am getting progressively frustrated with the antics of toddlers, and feel like I might snap well before I should.  It is all sleep related for me.  I can tell when i am tired.  A three year old 'whine' can really get under my skin, especially if he is tired too.  Mazzie has just started demanding exactly what she wants and screams right in my face if she doesn't get it.  A sign of things to come then......Oh, oh!  Thought she might be a little tamer than Denver at two, but it is not looking good.  She is a real little Miss.  Totally adorable, even with body thrown on floor and arms and legs thrashing about.  She yells, stops for my reaction for a sec, then continues until the frustration passes.  It does not help when i am laughing!  It is funny though!  Probably wont be in a few months when she knows exactly what she is doing.  At the moment it is fairly new, and you can tell she just loses it and doesn't know quite what to do with her frustration!

On that note, I had best turn in or I wont be laughing at the tantrums tomorrow!!!




  1. An update!!! Oh no, the perfect Mazzie is turning to the dark side!!! I was cracking up laughing at that! I love your Mum layout! The whole lot of layouts for this theme have been fabulous!

  2. Love your description of the tantrums. I do find myself wondering how I'll cope with that stage. Welcome back ;)

  3. LOve the mothers day LO for SS!! I hope the tantrums are subsiding!! I know where you are coming from there that's for sure.