Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I have not been good at blogging lately.  I have wanted to, but just have not gotten around to it.  Hopefully better from here on.  I have done some more LO's.  Some for the Scrapbook Station for the new class schedule, some for 'just cause'...all for fun!  Even though deadlines kinda takes a bit of the fun out....especially when you have missed them!  I am looking forward to the next few months.  Janine just posted us with the next lot of topics for the Design team at Scrapbook Station and they are great!  I don't think there are any that I can say...."Well I might skip that one..." I am excited about doing all of them.

New_roomI went to IKEA the other day and decked out my scrap room a little more!  Oh fun.  We had a girls day out.  Mum, Mazzie and I!  I adored this store!  Must go back.  It has only just opened here in Adelaide, and is very busy....especially on a Sunday.  But it was so good, I didn't even really care about the people.  I am a sucker for innovative space saving storage solutions.  Anything that makes cleaning and tidyness easier! 

It is so much fun decking out my room.  I am spending more time organising than actually scrapping!  Oh well!  I guess to scrap efficiently, the room has to be organised!

May_046_1 I did this LO a while ago, just after I bought the MM foam flower stamps.  Just bliss!  I adore them.  There will be many more flower LO's from here on in I think.


I used white MM acrylic paint for stamping, then painted over a few with windsor & Newton irridescent medium....MMMMM delicious!  I had fun anyway.  I will finish posting some other LO's later.  You know you have been on the computer too long, when you get bombarded by... "I wanna cuddoo", accompanied by a child forcing himself on your lap to hinder any more computer work.  Had better go and "cuddoo"  Not so bad!  'Cuddoo's' are pretty good!



  1. Gorgeous LO Lydell! Love it. Glad to hear you liked the new list of topics as well. Guess what? Only 3 sleeps to go......

  2. that LO is just awesome Lydell!!!
    So jelous about you girls going to ISC - perhaps I could squeeze in your suitcase LOL
    Havnt got my email with the list of topics yet...waiting, waiting, waiting!!!
    Nic xxx

  3. Ooh, love that layout! I wish I had more opportunity to do flower layouts. How many pages can I do about myself, lol. It's the only opportunity for using flowers and yet when I'm shopping I'm just attracted to all that girly stuff. It's so hard leaving it there in the store. It calls out to me as I walk out... "you really want us....".
    Yay for IKEA. You mean you actually found a park? Oh goodie, I might venture down there soon then.

  4. I agree with Kathie. Yeh for IKEA. The desk you bought is the one I am going to get when I start teaching at my house for the girls. Just gorgous.
    By the way, layout is divine.
    Steph x