Monday, May 29, 2006

Down again!

Well, I Shall try again!  Slower this time, as my back has gone again and I am laying flat typing with one hand!  Sooo frustrating.  I have been in bed all day and have had to wait for poor DH to get around to me each time I need something.  I am not first in line with two other little needy beings in the house. 
I swear they pick up on change and it affects their reactions and behaviours.  They have been quite difficult for John all day (from what I have heard anyway!)  Lots of screeching and protesting.... more than normal!  And they have not been near me in here all day.  Don't think they appreciate lack of mummy!

I am tired of it too.  I hate being reliant on others!  I feel like such a pest.  I had to cancel a class at Scrapbook Station today, and I hate doing that too.  People looking forward to something and i have to cancel.  Let alone poor Janine having to ring each one and tell them their day has been altered!  I would be disappointed if it were me.  On the other hand I can barely stand up on my own legs, So physically going out and teaching a class is impossible.  Just hate it being out of my control I guess!  Totally pesky!

One good thing...... I have had lots of time to surf!  (without moving obviously!)  I checked Ngaire Bartlam's blog today and hours later I am here.  I love it when people link other sites to their blog, and Ngaire's blog is loaded!  All throughout her entries are sites she has found interesting things at.  Some I will never visit again, but some are very cool.  So if you are ever laid out, with nothing to do (Sound's like a busy Mother's dream.....bit less pain would be good though, he he he!!)

Any way, Here are a couple of LO's I am teaching at Scrapbook Station  Bit long in coming. but better late than never!Fancy_a_flourish_2

Fancyaflourish1_1 "Fancy a flourish"

Designer_blueprint_1 "Designer Blueprints"Designer_blueprint_detail_2




"Technical Benefits"

The_painted_page_2 The_painted_pagedetail_1"The painted Page"

So that's about it for tonight!  Now I just need to finish all those ISC class LO's and Projects that I never completed in class.  I like to add my own spin on class work, to make it a bit more my own, but this takes longer, so I never actually completed anything.  LOVE-LOVE-LOVED it though!  The whole weekend was amazing.  Met so many amazing people.  Suse, Debbie, Jeni, Cali, Roz, Kellie, Jan, Juanita, Loretta,Trish, Then the tutors, Allanah, Ngaire, Zina, and Kerrin.  Just amazing.  Lots of people I have seen published or been on their blogs, but have never met.  They are all just regular ladies who share my passion.  Creating art with our everyday lives as inspiration.  Can't get much better than that!  NOW i JUST NEED TO GET UPRIGHT TO GET DOWN STAIRS AND DO SOME OF THIS CREATION STUFF!!!  This too shall pass!

Night all.  Glad you could visit, please say Hi!

Dell x


  1. Wow, it sounds like ISC really got you inspired. What a pain that you've done your back again though. Can you figure out how to scrap while you're flat in bed? Maybe a nice little angled table like draftspeople use, lol.
    Hope you're up and about soon.

  2. Don't you worry about a thing Lydell! All the ladies were lovely about it and just want you to get better!