Saturday, March 11, 2006

11 to go!

Today was not too bad.  I have caught the flu, which is always nice when your home alone with the kids.  They were very good though.  We went out to get some 'supplies'.  I have had Denver sleeping next to me in our room ( on a fold out bed on the floor)  He has trouble sleeping on his own in his room.  I pulled the bed apart today and thought I would give it another go to get him to sleep in his room.  He is so scared of 'monsters' that he wont even use the main bathroom anymore because his bedroom door is right next to the bathroom door and when the roller shutter is down in his bedroom, the doorway is black.  He has to use my ensuite!  I have told him over and over that there are no monsters, they are only on tv.  But he is certain there is and they are hiiding anywhere dark.  Anyway I thought I might get his a new lamp, maybe a buzz lamp if I could find one....He was very excited by the prospect so out we went.  There were no Buzz lamps, but I did find a rope light, that hangs from the ceiling.  So we got that instead!Night_lights

It really isn't quite as bright as this photo suggests.  It is quite a nice ambient glow.  He was happy to stay in there at bed time.  Have only had to put him back once so far and it is 11.30pm....Not too bad!  Tonight will tell.

Well my DH is going to some friends he meets up with each time he is in Washington, for dinner tomorrow night.  They look after him each time he is there, and he is using my blog to show them some more recent photos of the kids.

So lots of kind regards to the Nichols family in Washington.  One day we will actually meet!  I get more and more jealous each time J goes overseas.  I would really like to see Washington for myself.  I got very excited of the prospect of living there for a year....But that fell through.  I don't think I would be brave enough again.  But I would certainly like to see The states.

Anyway...Day three down.  11 more to go!  Yay.  I cleaned once the babes had gone to bed tonight.  Nice clean floors again.  J should be proud of me.....There was water all over the floor in the bathroom tonight. I had been accusing Little man D of wetting the toilet mat when ever he has 'gone'  but all the mats were soaked this evening.  I checked and found the very slow drip behind the bowl.  I checked for anything untoward, then reached behind and tightened a joint thingy up, and it stopped the drip!  Yay....Dreaded calling the plumber!  The weekend and all.  I imagined spending the weekend up to my ears in soggy towels trying to keep the water from flooding the house!

I wont even need a husband if he is away for too long!  LOL.  (Just kidding J.)

Well should go to bed!  Getting late and I am getting a little weary.  I took some sudafed about an hour ago, and they are having some effect I think!

Well DH if you read this....I love you.  Stay safe,

Ps.  Mazzie saw a man walk past her at the shops today, and must have thought is was you cause she started yelling out hysterically "DADDY, DADDY"  I had to soosh her!  They miss you.  The helicopter that was flying over our house this morning, was "going to the helicopter port to pick up my friend daddy " today!  He does not get why you dont just come home.  He has been to the stairs twice today cause he thought he heard the door and 'Daddy was coming home'!...

Night anyway....

LCQ xx

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  1. Oh Lydell that is sooo cute and yet so sad at the same time, the way both of them are looking everywhere for Daddy! Hope you are feeling better soon.