Tuesday, March 21, 2006

It's happened again!

Well....I am flat!  I have had a recurring back problem for years now, and every now and then ( becoming more frequently these days) I end up on my back unable to move.  It makes you realise how much we rely on our backs for almost every move, and how much we should appreciate good back health!  I have a wonderful Chiropractor that has fixed me fairly quickly ( in the scheme of things) every time this has occurred for the last 4 times!  the last time, I was very pregnant with Missy Moo.  But...I am  still very resentful, that in order to keep this at all under control, there are things I just can not do, and I have had to come to terms with the fact I have to go to the Chiro once a month.  Grrr.  This time is not as bad as others, but I still had to call Mum and plead for assistance with a three YO and a 16 mth old.  I can't do much at all to keep this household running!  Cant get down to change nappies, lift Moo into her high chair or in or out of her cot.  Can't stand to help her eat, let alone get food!  John doesn't get home until Thursday ( So yes....on the home stretch with lack of husband issue!!)  So poor Mum, ( with back problems of her own!) is trying to look after her grandbabies and gets the very next Chiro appointment after mine each Time I go!

So that has been my week since Saturday so far!  can only get better from here!!! (hopefully)

Have a great week everyone reading this!

Lydell x


  1. Hope your back is improving.....I'll try and catch up with you this week, if you are able to.

  2. Oh your poor thing! :( How frustrating for you. I sincerely hope you get better very soon and are able to do all the fun 'Mum' stuff again. Thinking of you, chicky!

  3. Oh, poor you! I hope you're on the improve. My DH suffers terribly with his back. In fact, it's out again today. He's all hunched over. Is the weather changing, lol? I have had to get used to the fact that I have to go to the chiropractor every month. Especially since I've had Jamie. All that bending and lifting, not to mention spending so much time sitting down on the floor takes its toll. Hope you're up and about again soon.

  4. So sorry to hear about your back.Hope you are feeling better soon.Your dh will be back soon to help:)

  5. Lydell - how awful, like Kathie I have had experience with a bad back problem with DH in the form of Sciatica (is that how you spell it??) Ill never forget it Mark use to lie on his back on the floor night after night to watch TV. Poor darling. It was so hard for him to be in so much pain, and like you said, you don't realise how much you rely on your back for mobility. Hope everything is on the mend.
    Thinking of you.
    Steph xx