Saturday, March 18, 2006


Woohoo!!!!!  Got an E-mail today from 'For Keeps' accepting a LO I submitted....Not for what I submitted it for, but I don't care 'bout that!  Very excited.  I keep saying it's my first, but I do have one going in the 'Awards for Excellence book'  But for some reason, ( can't tell you why...)  I am much more excited about this!!!  Issue 44 for Handmade embellishments!  Now that I have sung about this, back to normal everyday stuff!!!  I checked out the ISC classes tody, now just got to decide which ones to do!  This is all very exciting too!  I get to leave my babies for a whole weekend and go scrappin'  ( Saying it like that makes it sound awful to me...I'll have to rephrase it I think I'm starting to feel guilty!)  I have not been away from them, except to work at my LSS teaching classes etc.  And one evening My Mum looked after them while DH & I went on a houseboat for the evening for a 21st.  I think about it too much and start to think...How can I leave my babies for that long???Oh dear....Will have to get past this!  I am going! 

Well DH has just called, and arrived safely in London.  Wont be getting too many things from there.  Terribly expensive compared to the US.  He has bought me some 501's and was supposed to visit a SS for me.  Told him I'm into alphabets at the moment, dropped him a few brand names!!!  We shall see!  It is mid day there and an hour to midnight here.  Easier to work out the time difference now!

Anyway....Best get to bed...Kids are recharging as we speak!

Night x


  1. YAY!!! YAY!!!! YAY!!!! doing a happy dance for you!!! One of many to come I say!!!!

  2. Congrats, Lydell. I was right when I said in my previous comment that I would see your work in the mags soon:) I get what you mean when you said you can't bear leaving the kids for a week. I miss Abby even if I'm away for a few hours.LOL.

  3. Hi I have just been to Janine's blog, and I thought I just had to say hello. Love your style so very pretty, and very unique.

  4. Good on you! I'm excited for you. There's nothing like your first acceptance (or your second ;) ). I'm sure there are many more just around the corner.
    I know what you mean about leaving the children. Although I've only been a mum for four months, I've gotten very used to having my little guy with me all the time. I love his company. But... ISC! Wow. Have a blast!

  5. congratulations Lydell - how exciting for you.
    As for your guilt, I like to convince myself that leaving the kids every now and then is fine by reminding myself that when I am happy I am a better mother - works every time :)