Friday, March 31, 2006

New LO!

Good morning!  Overcast and grey here, and just a little cool, quite nice!  I completed another Lo yesterday, another one dayer!  Very exciting (for me at least)  I like feeling productive!  This one is a boy one.  Poor Denver not too many n his direction, compared to the lovely pink pages I am addicted too.  Two years of blue, green and orange have ruined it for me.  Mazzie gets all these lovely pink pages.  On the other hand, Denvers pages were all about recording milestones, and How wonderful it felt to be his mum etc.  Mazzies are mostly just pretty compared to his album of his first year.  I must force myself to do more on her acheivements and stages, as she will probably be the one more likely to be sentimental about all this stuff than Denver.  I may be wrong, there certainly are boys who are interested in their childhood stuff.  My DH is not one of them!!!  His Mum has given us some little toys that he had when he was little, and they are a little rickety, but DH doesn't mind Denver playing with them unattended and he has damaged them.  I tried to put them up, for him to appreciate when he is older.  Oh well!

Here's the page anyway.  Basic Grey and 7 Gypsies PP, 

Whatsinaname_1 It was a fun page to do,  I feel like it was recording him growing up!  He gets all his nicknames from his Dad basically.  Both DH and his Dad have a quirky humour, and I can already see it coming out in Denver!  Too cute!

I like using more than one picture of the same session cause I feel gives a bit more insight into what I am trying to record.

I really like red as an accent at the moment too.  This page has a bit more than 'accent' red though!

Well I would like to head downstairs today too but I have several things that need to be done before tomorrow, and a couple of loads of washing...and some housework...So maybe I wont make it into the scrap room today!

Thanks for taking a look!

Lydell x


  1. I'm really loving your work ATM Lydell, but hey, you know that! LOL! I see you have used those AC letters!! But I detect some paint was used as you can never get all of one colour for a title!

  2. Lydell, this is sooooooo cool. I love all the photos you've used and especially the different sizes and colours. So great.
    As for red, it must be catching as I've been using it a bit for accents too. Love that brightness!

  3. Love the lo, Lydell especially all the photos you managed to include. I'm stuck to one photo per lo lately...eeekkks! I totally agree with you about doing achievement and stages pages. I used to do them for Abby's first year but not any more.