Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Day 7 and counting....

Day 7...It has not been too bad I guess.  Another 9 days to go!  I have been keeping busy.  The kids have been good so far which has been great, I anticipated the worst, but they have been very easy to get along with.  D has caught my cold, and even with this he has been good for me,  and he has potential not to be!!!  I am very proud of him, (and relieved!)  We tend to clash.  He does not respond well to authoritarian parenting and that's what I am....So Dr. Phil says!  We bought his 'Phenomenal Family' book and it is just tremendous!  Starting at this age, and moving through till when they may leave home....Gives me hope that I could just end up with a child who wants to be at home with us at 15, not wishing we weren't his parents!!!  It's a scary thought.  I don't want to think too much past 3 at this point!

Anyway, first LO completed since John has been gone.  Thought I would get sooo much done while he was away, but last night was the first time I went down stairs to scrap since he has been gone.  Just couldn't go down there by myself.  Sounds rediculous.....

She Lots of sewing on this one.  Hours and hours in fact.  A project I started mid last year.  I did all the sequining and beading around the corner first, then it sat in Madam Moo's album for ages.  I just got it out a fortnight or so ago and did a bit more playing.  DS then drew all over the bottom corner of it with his favourite coloured texta....BLACK!  Which was just lovely.  I am always up for a challenge, and it has happened before,  DS loves drawing and mummy's scrapping!!!  So I added a few layers or white paint, and strategically placed the photos, and voilla...You would never know!

I am fairly happy with the results.  It was very therapeudic to do!Beading Beading2 Well must go start this day.  L xx


  1. This is completely and insanely beautiful! I can't believe all the work and love that has gone into it. This will clearly be one of your most treasured pages, right??! Thanks for sharing...it's divine :)

  2. This has turned out absolutely divine!!!! I knew it would and I couldn't believe it when you told me Denver had attacked it with texta, but you would never know now!

  3. absolutely stunning lydell. wow, you sure do have patience! just beautiful & I also love the photo with you & your kids - too cute. hope you are doing ok with dh away.
    kate xo

  4. your a mad woman....OMG.....I agree with Donna - insane and beautiful go really well here.....
    bye the way I love Dr Phil too. The man makes a lot of sense.
    Curse typepad......grrr.....its happended to me as well. You feel like picking up the computer and teaching it how to fly....
    Steph x

  5. This is just stunning. I bet you nearly cried when it got drawn on though! The bead work is just absolutely amazing...WOW...and the photos are just too cute!
    Isnt it always the way with scrapping - when there is uninterupted time to scrap we dont get round to it, but if there isnt a spare second in the day then you have to keep sneaking in to get little snippets done anyway. Im sure you will get used to DH being away and settle into a routine soon.
    Nic xxx

  6. Hi. Got your blog link from another blog. Just have to leave a comment on how gorgeous that lo is.

  7. Wow, have seen your blog via another link. This LO is STUNNING!!!!! I can't believe there was drawing on it. It looks just like you've planned it this way. And wow, all that stitching. Just incredible. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!