Friday, March 17, 2006

Try again....

Well I am still mad that I have to type this again!!!

Anyway.  My little Moo fell off a barstool on Tuesday.  Just awful.  Raced around the breakfast bar to pick her up and there is blood everywhere.  When I finally soaked it all up and could see inside her mouth, I could see that she had bitten her tongue severely.  I had no idea tongues bled so badly.  We spent the next few hours up at the hospital.  Poor little girl, it was around her bed time and she had such a sore mouth, she cried and cried (after grinning to all the admin people when we checked in.)  Made me so sad.  She was coping ok.  but Mum wasn't... I could have cried!  I am a mess when my kids hurt themselves, after the fear has passed I am just so sad they have to feel the pain.  Little man D got his finger stuck in the door (on the hinge side) the other night and I could not tell whether to open or close the door to make the crack wider to get his little finger out.  He screamed and screamed.  When it was all over I just cried! 

Anyway Doctors said they can not suture the tongue and it should heal on it's own.  Wish I knew that before I sat (or rather paced) with a baby for hours!

So apparently, unless they are bleeding from the nose or ears, or showing other wierd symptoms,  accident and emergency can't really do anything with a bitten tongue!

I did a LO today.  It's always a challenge to see how quickly I can do a LO.  I see all these blogs where these wonder women have children and probably a day job (although the kids at home is a day job to me!!!) and they have beautiful Lo's coming out of their ears!  Like the amazing Kiesha.  I so love her work at the moment, it really grabs me.  But every time I look at her blog there is not one new LO but 2 or even more!  Incredible.  Can not seem to do this!  I will strive.  I don't have too many deadlines though, that could make a difference!

I did do some submitting today.  I have decided to put myself out there a bit more, mainly for work's sake, but I know it could make me a little more confident with myself, on the other hand it's a gamble, cause it can diminish self confidence just as easily I would say!  I would imagine too many with no responses or knock backs would not feel too good!  Anyway I have bitten the bullet, and have started emailing LO's into mags!   Wont expect too much!

Ok, Here 'tisWhat_an_effort

Again no patterned paper.  Have been avoiding it lately,  just does not go with what I see in my head!  Bit odd!

I love paint and fine detail, and stitching and flowers and dimensional seeming to go back to the same methods that are my favourites.


So Yep...I am proud.  This is the product of Thursday!And I had two little ones all day too, so I didn't work on it non stop.  Just headed downstairs about 3 times during the day.  (LO's can take weeks in this household!!!)

Well might do a little surfing before I head off to bed.  This is the end of Day 9.  Doing very well!

night all xx


  1. I love the layout and what you have done with it!!! Very cool. Hope Mazzie's little tongue is heaps better.

  2. Thanks for dropping by my blog:) So sorry to hear about Mazzie's accident. I get upset too when Abby hurt herself. That is such a creative layout and no pp-wow! I'm sure I will see your work in the mags very soon:)

  3. Oww. Poor Mazzie. Isn't it just awful when your kids are crying with pain.
    Yes, you should sub your stuff! It's lovely. And, yes you will get rejections. And, yes you will get despondent from time to time. Hah! Like the rest of us. But, you'll get heaps of acceptances too, and they'll all make up for it.

  4. I adore your doodling around your main photo - very sweet :)
    If it helps any, most of my LO's take a while to put together too - I am constantly amazed at how prolific some people are (not pointing to anyone in particular Janine, LOL)...