Tuesday, March 7, 2006

B_yourself750 Ok...Not totally sure how this works.  It is a bit diferent than my last blog to upload photos.  Will see if this works!

This is a LO that is branching into the bright colours, that I have always steered away from!  They are becoming increasingly attractive to me.  The photos are some I ttok of Missy Moo when she was climbing the stairs and they are a bit blurry, but I love them...I kept them smallish and they don't look too bad!

Maya Road flowers and dimentional fluid, jigsaw letters (MM ) and more domensional fluid!


  1. Oh the needle storage sounds very interesting? Hope you have it done by tomorrow arvo!! Push! shove! I have heaps of needles, so I need ideas!!

  2. Love the LO Lydell - its so bright and funky. The dimentional magic on the flowers looked awesome! I was looking at those maya road flowers at SS today - now I wish I had bought them!
    Nic xxx