Saturday, March 11, 2006

Well it is Saturday morning here, Friday evening in Washington.  I have just uploaded a few extra photos for my DH.  Can't get fresher than these.  Taken about 10 minutes ago!  I have worked out how to use the timer button on the camera.  Worked ok....Just need to work out how to take pictures of the children now, both just want to come around to the back of the camera to see the picture I am taking through the screen.  Not at all conducive to good photos!!!


I am on the sudafed again this morning.  J knew when to leave!  I wondered whether D was getting sick today.....So grizzly.  Just not himself.  It may be just me feeling awful though and getting rattled easier!

37 degrees here today.  Had the air conditioning on all night, it made it quite cool.  It's nice inside at the moment.   But it's only 9:35 am!

Well Little man D is repeatedly asking for a 'cuddool'  (cuddle)  So I had better go give him one!

Bye xx


  1. I really like this photo! It probably wasn't fun to get but it looks like you are all having fun. I want to catch up with you but E is still very sick.

  2. Great photo! Don't you hate being home by yourself with the kids when you're sick. That was how it was in our house last week. Blech! Hope you're all back to good health soon.
    Thanks for the email :).